The Board of the Swedish Shorinji Kempo Federation has the following members:

Leif Kekonius

Alexander Tilly
Vice President
Stefan Jönsson Levin
Richard Tjust
Picture will come.
Arnaud Tiquet
Board member


Leif Kekonius
Kenneth Ishii
Substitute board member
Picture will come.
Mattias Wallén
Substitute board member

The nominating committee has the following members:

Alexander Tilly
Tobias Alm
Chair person
Picture will come.
Hanna Svedberg
Picture will come.
Christer Enfors

Daigi-in (Country representative) for the period 2010-04-01 to 2014-03-31

Anders Pettersson


The following people are licensed examiners by the Shorinji Kempo Unity
(also see at the bottom of this page), licens is valid 1st of April 2013 to 31st of March 2017

1 Kyū Kōshi-in (1st Class Examiner)

Anders Pettersson, daikenshi 6 dan, Karlstad shibu

2 Kyū Kōshi-in (2nd Class Examiner)

Åke Olsson, seikenshi 5 dan, Karlstads studenter shibu
Stefan Jönsson Levin, seikenshi 5 dan, Visby shibu
Leif Kekonius, seikenshi 5 dan, Bromma shibu
Robert Liljeblad, seikenshi 4 dan, Stockholm norra shibu
Boban Mladenovic, seikenshi 5 dan, Haninge shibu
Per Lindblom, seikenshi 5 dan, Mosebacke shibu
Anders Magnusson, seikenshi 5 dan, Stockholm södra shibu
Alexander Tilly, seikenshi 5 dan, Stockholm södra shibu
Viktor Karlholm, seikenshi 4 dan, Stockholm södra shibu
Tobias Alm, seikenshi 4 dan, Bromma shibu
Peter Hansen, chūkenshi 3 dan, Stockholms Studenter shibu
Arnaud Tiquet, chūkenshi 3 dan, Göteborg shibu