Logo for the Swedish Budo & Martial Arts FederationThe Swedish Budo & Martial Arts Federation (Svenska Budo & kampsportsförbundet, SB&K) is the federation within the Swedish Sports Confederation (Riksidrottsförbundet, RF) that administrates all Budo (except Judo and Karate that has their own federations) and several other martial arts. The Federation was founded on the 27th of November 1960 under the name Svenska Judoförbundet (Swedish Judo Federation) and was affiliated to the Swedish Sports Confederation on the 25th of November 1961. On the 15th of November 1969 the name was changed to Svenska Budoförbundet (Swedish Budo Federation). In November 1987 Judo formed its own federation and in May 1997 Taekwondo did the same. During 2008 was also Karate sanctioned to get their own federation directly under the Swedish Sports Confederation. The federation changed its name again on the 22nd of March 2003 to Svenska Budo & Kampsportsförbundet (Swedish Budo & Martial Arts Federation). At the annual General meeting on the 21st of March 2009 the federation did a major re-organisation and replaced its former section with separate sub-federations.

Budoka (budo practioners)

Shorinji Kempo is one of the many sub-federations in SB&K. Other sub-federations, to mention a few, is among others Aikido, Jujutsu, Kendo (that also includes Iaido, Jodo, Kyudo & Naginata), Wushu and the Martial Arts Federation (which administrates several different smaller martial arts within SB&K).