Shorinji Kempo Renmei's office (November 2003)
Shorinji Kempo Renmei

Shorinji Kempo Renmei, or its full name ippan zaidan hōjin shōrinji kempō renmei [一般財団法人 少林寺拳法連盟], is the Japanese federation and its purpose is to promote Shorinji Kempo through locally-based activities, such as junior sports clubs (spōtsu shōnendan スポーツ少年団), open campus, and community dōjō at community centers and gymnasiums, extracurricular activities in kindergarten, elementary schools, junior and senior high schools, vocational schools, universities and club activities at private and governmental establishments within Japan. Through these activities, the Federation aims to nurture full humanity and help people attain ”physical and spiritual health”. Shorinji Kempo Renmei is lead by Arai-sensei who is its kaichō (president).