The Federation’s Annual General Meeting 2017

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Some of the participants at the federation general meeting.
Some of the participants at the federation general meeting.

On Saturday the 25th of March the Swedish Federation held it annual general meeting. Some of the people in the federation board had announced that they would not be up for re-election, so the election committee had to do some work to find their replacements. The ones resigning was Peter Thorvald, who has been our treasurer for many years and Peter Hansen who has served as our secretary for a long time. A big thank you for their efforts over the years.
All the elections went according to the election committee’s proposal and we now have a Federation board as below.

  • President; Anders Pettersson (re-elected)
  • Vice president: Alex Tilly (re-elected)
  • Treasurer: Stefan Jönsson Levin (new election)
  • Secretary: Henrik Persson (new election)
  • Board member: Arnaud Tiquet (re-elected)
  • Substitute board member 1: Leif Kekonius (re-elected)
  • Substitute board member 2: Kenneth Ishii (re-elected)

New auditor was Peter Hansen, who replaced Stefan Jönsson Levin.

The election committee had a small change were Linda Hagman resigned and was replaced by Hanna Svedberg. This is the current Election committee:

  • Tobias Alm (president)
  • Christer Enfors
  • Hanna Svedberg


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