The Blue Label Dogi

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Blue Label DogiBlue Label Dogi was previously subsidized, strong and had a price also included delivery. The earlier version of Blue Label Dogi ceased to be sold in the spring/summer and they just sold out the remaining stocks. Since late September, there is a new Blue Label Dogi for sale, the new type has a very good price at 2500 yen, and another difference from the old type is that it now is fully bleached.

Another new thing is that it is also possible to get name embroidered on the Blue Label Dogi. We have received report from a branch that has ordered the new Blue Label Dogi that it is a very affordable Dogi that is aimed primarily for beginners and children.

Blue Label Dogi can be ordered from Ozaki, who also have other types of official Shorinji Kempo Dogi. Maekawa does not have Blue Label dogi as of today, but other types of official Shorinji Kempo Dogi.

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