Soon the anual summer camp in Visby!

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Now it’s finally time to book the highlight of the summer! This year’s training camp in Visby July 12 to 15 (Thu-Sun) with lots of training, exams, picnics and other fun.

The whole camp will be inspired by the vision that the Swedish Shorinji Kempo Federation adopted. This means that the training will be characterized by playfulness, intensity and much focus on how we can apply the technique for real.

Date: 12: a-15: e July 2012. Thursday-Friday 09:30 to 12:00 and 18:00 to 20:30, Saturday-Sunday 10.00-14.00.

Location: Södervärn school’s small room.

Instructors:          Per Lindblom, Daikenshi 5-dan from Stockholm South
Johan Frendin, Seikenshi 4-dan from Visby
Stefan Jonsson, Levin Seikenshi 4-dan from Visby
Alexander Tilly, Seikenshi 4-dan from Stockholm South

Fee: 800: – with lodging from Wednesday through Saturday night, without accommodation 500: -. Any additional night costs 75 :-/ night to the extent that it can be arranged.

Accommodation: In classrooms at Säveskolan, bring your sleeping bag and mattress. Will not have access to kitchen, but will supply one microwave and a refrigerator.

Travel: Call 0771-22 33 50, stating that it is a sporting trip when you get the trip at a discounted price. Tickets as soon as possible because that it is often difficult to get tickets to the island of Gotland in the summer.

Registration: Contact Stefan Jönsson-Levin at [email protected]

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