Sixth seminar for veterans

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For the sixth time, Stockholm Södra Shibu, hosted the much appreciated seminar for those within the Swedish Shorinji Kempo Federation with minimum 3rd dan. We started off with different warm-up excercises, on the picture above we see Tobias, Anders and Alex doing squats on the balance balls. 
Leif watching Alex who is practising punching on the popular ”roof-floor-ball”, good for timing, rythm and vision. We shared ideas on equpiment usable for training aspects of Shorinji Kempo.

Per, recently back from several years in Tokyo Chioda doin, shares his techniques and methods with Boban. Viktor is watching and Magnus practises by himself in the background.
Some of the happy veterans participating this saturday. Standing from left:
Viktor, Magnus, Arnaud, Johan, Tobias. Sitting from left: Anders, Per, Alex, Leif.
We worked on strangulations, shime waza, and in particular defencetchniques against strangulations.
Everyone got their basics, kihon, analyzed through videofilming and generous feedback from everyone else. We also spent time workning on techniques to upcoming tests for 4th and 5th dan.

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