Shorinji Kempo 40 years in the UK

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On the weekend of August 2nd to 3rd there was a big celebration that Shorinji Kempo have been practised in the UK for 40 years and the Swedish Shorinji Kempo Federation was represented by Anders Pettersson 6 dan and Alex Tilly 5 dan. On the Saturday there was a demonstration at the Shaw Theatre as well as commemorative dinner to celebrate the 40 year of Shorinji Kempo in the UK. On the Sunday there was a full day of excellent training with several senior instructors like Aosaka-sensei 8 dan, Kawashima-sensei 7 dan, Mukaida-sensei 7 dan, Idoie-sensei 7 dan as well as some additional younger instructors from hombu. The training session had participants from the UK, Sweden, Japan, France, Italy, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands and Portugal.

Here is the demonstration that Anders and Alex made at the Shaw Theatre in conjunction with the festivities.

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