Senior training – for members with 3 dan and above

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Johan Frendin, 4 dan, Visby Shibu, practising punching techinique with Viktor Karlhom, 4 dan, Stockholm Södra.

Since three years ago, the seniors of the Swedish Shorinji kempo Federation have gathered twice a year to focus on our own technical dvelopment. We need to get constructive feedback from other practitioners with experience. During these seminars we do a lot of basic training – kicks and punches on pads and sandbags -and use videoanalysis to find details to improve. The atmosphere is relaxed and open and we also create time to discuss ways to develop the training in our branches.

Leif Kekonius, Shibu-cho in Bromma, performs a powerful right hand punch – gyaku zuki. We always practice randori – sparring – during these seminars. This is important to test whether our techinques really work, and we analyse each and everyones strenghts and areas of development.

The 3rd of march is this years first ”veteran seminar” and then we will practice a lot of the techniques in the 5th dan curriculum, and do them over and over again in free randori. Several of our seniors are hoping to take the test to 5th dan within a year or two. Per Lindblom, 5th dan, Stockholm Södra Branch, who recently moved back to Sweden after living many years in Japan, will share his knowledge.

Johan Frendin, 4 dan, does kubi nage.

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