Report from the Annual General Meeting

On Saturday, March 26th in connection to SB&K’s annual meeting, the Swedish Shorinji Kempo Federeation also had its annual meeting at SB&K’s offices on Ölandsgatan in Stockholm.

As usual, annual reports and economic results of the past year was presented and the meeting also approved the present boards budget and plan for 2011. The board is just about unchanged from the past year with one exception, Stefan Jönsson Levin, Shibu-cho in Visby, is leaving his place as substitute board member. His place is filled by Leif Kekonius who is Shibu-cho in Bromma branch.

In the nominating committee, Tobias Alm chose to vacate his position, it will be filled by Boban Mladenovic and Pontus Haglund was elected the federations auditor.

The board of 2011 is as follows:
President – Anders Pettersson, Karlstad
Vice president – Anders Magnusson, Stockholm Södra
Treasurer – Peter Thorvald, Skövde
Secretary – Peter Hansen, Stockholms Studenter
Board member – Johan Frendin, Visby
Substitute board member – Lotta Wersäll, Stockholm Södra
Substitute board member – Leif Kekonius, Bromma

Nominating committee:
Alex Tilly, Stockholm Södra (Chair person)
Charlene Lima, Stockholms studenter
Boban Mladenovic, Haninge

Pontus Haglund, Stockholm Södra

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