New Official Swedish Translation of the Seiku, Seigan & Shinjō

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Makimono (scroll) with dōkun
Makimono (scroll) with dōkun

A few weeks ago a decision to adopt a new official Swedish translation of Seiku, Seigan & Shinjō was taken a the recent board meeting of the Swedish Federation last Sunday the decision was settled. The work on a new translation has been made in connection with the Swedish translation of the Shorinji Kempo Tokuhon, which we hope will go to print relatively soon.

The whole text we read during chinkon gyō is called Dōkun and consists of four parts; Seiku, Seigan, Dōkun & Shinjō. Previously, we have never had a Swedish translation of the Dōkun part (which is read when you sit down), but this part is now also included.

As a note in Japanese Dōin one also read a fifth part, called Raihaishi, in this case the full text is called Kyōten (teaching).

Here you can download the Swedish version of Dōkun.

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