New Federation Officers after the General Meeting

The Swedish Shorinji Kempo Federation held its Annual General Meeting on last Saturday (20th of March). The meeting was held in Stockholm and a majority of the Swedish branches were represented. There were no major items to be resolved during this years meeting, but one of the ordinary items is election of federation officers. Before the meeting a few officers had announced that they wouldn’t be available for re-election and the election committee had some work in order to identify suitable candidates for the positions to be filled.

Pontus Haglund who has been treasurer for several years, had announced that he wasn’t available for re-election, however we hope to keep Pontus as a technical resource for the federation web site. Others who also decided to leave their positions as board officers were Robert Liljeblad and Lovisa Johnsson. We thank them for their hard work during their time as members of the Board.

The new names on the board are Peter Thorvald, from Skövde Shibu, who was elected as new treasurer. Johan Frendin, who trains in Visby Shibu, was elected as ordinary board member and Lotta Wersäll, Stockholm Södra Shibu, was elected as a substitute board member. The other positions as federation officers were re-elected. Hopefully you will soon be able to see pictures of the new federation officers on this page.

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