Johan Frendin sensei has passed away

Johan Frendin Johan Frendin sensei, 5th dan sadly passed away early on Monday morning after a long and hard battle with cancer. Johan founded Göteborg Shibu (Gothenburg)  and was for many years one of the driving forces and inspiring practitioners of Swedish Shorinji Kempo. We remember Johan’s great enthusiasm, his humour, self-distance and powerful techniques. Always curious, always open to new perspectives and at the same time confident in his own way. During the long fight against the cancer Johan showed a mental strength so great that all of us around him was amazed. On his way back after the brain surgery Johan practised with such determination and intense persistence that the doctors did not think it was possible. But since the brain is needed to be able to fight and it was this part of his body that was attacked by the cancer we eventually lost our beloved Johan.

You taught us a lot and we will always remember and miss you.

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