Four New Shodan

Saturday, December 11 there was a dan examination in Gothenburg, after about three hours the technical exam was completed and everyone was really tired. Acting as examiners was Gothenburg’s shibu-cho Martin Allerby as well as Anders Pettersson from Karlstad. Those who tested to junkenshi Shodan was Andreas Laestadius and Fredrik Fall, both from Göteborg (Gothenburg) Shibu, Peter Thorvald from Skövde Shibu and Erik Öhrn from Karlstad Shibu.

At the same time there was also a number of kyu examinations where Andreas Blomqvist (Skövde) and Julia Friman (Gothenburg) graded to ikkyu (1 kyu), Patrick Alnegren, Tor Faxén, Heike van Doesburg (all from Gothenburg) and Sandra Rohm (Skövde) graded to nikyu (2 kyu) and Robert Björklund (Skövde) graded to sankyu (3 kyu).

To finish the day Göteborg Shibu had rented a cabin, in Härryda just outside of Gothenburg, were we had dinner and relaxed with sauna and some brave took a dip in the lake were we had cut up a hole in the ice.

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