Embu gasshuku in Skövde

On the weekend of 28-29/4 our annual embu gasshuku was held, this time in Skövde. About 40 kenshi gathered during Saturday morning in Arena Skövde for a weekend full of embu competitions and training camp. The competitions were held during Saturday morning and even though the participation rate was a little low, the competitions were very successful with five participating yudansha teams and three kyukenshi teams.

Winners in the kyukenshi competition from Skövde

Stockholm södra took home the yudansha competition through Per Lindblom and Alex tilly and Skövde were able to win their first Swedish championship through Henrik Lundqvist, Robert Björklund and Andreas Blomqvist.

Winners in the yudansha competition from Södra

The rest of the weekend consisted of a training camp led by four excellent instructors. Johan Frendin taught, among other things, how we can use an agility ladder in our training.

Johan Frendin teaching Tai Sabaki and Umpoho

Alex Tilly led a goho-session where we go to all the bogu and other gear that we had available.

Alex demonstrating on Åke

Åke Olsson talked about different uses of sansoku tenkai (three step turn).


And finally, Anders Pettersson taught about details in the application of techniques.

The Saturday night was spent at Scandic hotel in Skövde, where most of the guests stayed, with a barbecue buffé.

Pontus, Anders, Johan, Stefan, Peter and Boban enjoying the buffé

During the Sunday we trained in a larger group and the weekend was wrapped up with everyone getting a chance to try throwing and getting throwed and finally we did some hokei.

Group picture of the weekends participants

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