Dan Examination

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From left: Jörgen, Yanlu & Peter
From left: Jörgen, Yanlu & Peter

On the 17th of November the Swedish Federation held its national Dan grading examination for autumn 2013 in Skövde.

There was one person who tested for 3rd Dan and two people who tested for 2nd Dan. All passed their test.

Congratulations to Yanlu Wang, from Stockholm Södra Shibu, who passed his test for 3rd dan, and to Peter Thorvald, from Skövde Shibu, and Jörgen Andersson, Karlstad Studenters Shibu, who both passed their tests to 2 Dan.

Examiners who participated were Anders Pettersson, Boban Mladenovic, Per Lindblom & Arnaud Tiquet.

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