Articles about Shorinji Kempo

Martin Allerby, shibu-cho in Gothenburg, and one of his students, John Nyrenius (ikkyu), have both written an article each that is related to the Shorinji Kempo. Johan Nyrenius’ article is a summary of his Master Thesis from the Psychology Department in Gothenburg. Martin’s article is linked to how he personally sees that Shorinji Kempo can be used / applied in everyday life. Both articles are published by Bonnier Business Publishing AB, Bonnier Leadership Manuals.

Also see the home page of Göteborg Shibu:

or these direct links to each article here (only in Swedish):
Martin’s article: ”Kampens väg – En väg till personlig utveckling
Johan’s article: ”ShorinjiKempo – vägen till förbättrad vigilans

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