Arnaud new Shibu-cho in Gothenburg

On the 21st of January, it was formally approved by WSKO hombu that Arnaud Tiquet is the new shibu-cho in Gothenburg.

Arnaud takes over the position after Martin Allerby, who has handled the the task as shibu-cho ina very good way for several years. Martin has moved to Stockholm and although he often is in Gothenburg in his work he can not find the time to continue as shibu-cho. Because of this he decided to hand over the task to Arnaud Tiquet at the new year and now it is also approved from Japan.

Aranud is originally from Montpellier in southern France and came to Gothenburg to study together with his practice partner for many years, Romain Boniface. Arnaud has enjoyed living in Sweden and will hopefully stay for many years since he now also has family here.

From the Swedish Federation we want to thank Martin for the time and effort he has put into running the Gothenburg branch, and we are happy that Martin will still be active in his training, even if he won’t be shibu-cho.

We also wish Arnaud good luck in his new position.

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