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Åke passed his test for 5 Dan

During the weekend of 4-5 of June was the previously reported European Taikai in Shorinji Kempo held in Monaco, where Sweden was very successful and winning the category for sandan and above.

This weekend there was also a seminar and hombu organised gradings to 4th and 5th dan. Gradings to 4th dan and above are normally only held at Hombu in Japan, but at certain seminar and events where there are representatives from Hombu, it sometimes are opportunities for gradings to 4th and 5th dan.

From Sweden Åke Olsson, shibu-chō in Karlstad studenter shibu, had received permission to take his test for 5th dan.

Åke Olsson (left) with Alex Tilly who congratulated Åke to his grading
Above you can see Åke Olsson (left) congratulated in advance for his grading to 5th dan by Alexander Tilly (right).

Preliminary information said it went very well, but it was not until the other day we received the formal results from Hombu that Åke passed the his grading test.

This means that Åke is the second Swedish kenshi to receive this high degree.

Åke is congratulated by all members in the Swedish Federation.

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