Kenkō zōshin

Shorinji Kempo gives you a versatile and good physical exercise. In order to keep well and live a good life it is necessary with some sort of physical activity. In the more and more sedentary society of today it is even a necessity.

Shorinji Kempo is also so much more than just physical training. The main practice is done in pair work, where you together with a partner practice different defences against different types of attacks, one acting as the attacker and the other taking the role of defender. Practice is always done in accordance to the individuals’ physical ability, this in order to make the practice a challenge to everybody, no matter how fit one are.

This means that one can practice and benefit from Shorinji Kempo regardless of age and gender. There is always a possibility to develop and improve ones health and physique in reference of ones own condition.

Apart from the physical practice of martial art training, Shorinji Kempo also contains seihō 整法. Seihō can be translated as ”correcting methods” and means acupressure massage and simpler forms of bone correcting (mainly the spine). Shorinjikempo also uses kyūsho 急所, ”vital points”, (138 points of 72 types) on the body, partly to cause pain when doing martial-techniques but also as a way to ”heal” the body after hard practice.