Kihon 基本, or basics in English, in Shorinji Kempo is divided into six main groups. In addition to these groups there is also a seventh group called shuhō 守法 (defensive methods) but these are not practised as separate techniques. All practice of techniques is built on these parts, which often are practised in single form. In kihon training we work on footwork, body positions, hand and leg techniques etc.

Kihon practice at WSKO kōshūkai in Karlstad 2004.

Tai gamae 体構え (body position)
Fujinhō 布陣法 – line up position, 3 types
Byakuren hachi jin 白蓮八陣 – group with 8 different body positions
Giwa kyu jin 義和九陣 – group with 9 different body positions

Sokui hō 足位法 (foot position)
Ichi 位置 – position of feet (8 techniques)
Tachi kata 立方 – ways to stand (8 techniques)

Umpo hō 運歩法 (foot work)
De ashi 出足 – step forward (8 techniques)
Hiki ashi 引足 – step backwards (8 techniques)
Yoko ashi 横足 – step to the side (6 techniques)
Tenkai ashi 転回足 – turning (4 techniques)

Tai sabaki 体捌き (body movement)
Taishin 退身 – body movement backwards (5 techniques)
Irimi 入身 – body movement in/forward (6 techniques)
Kaishin 開身 – open body (3 techniques)
Furimi 振身 – swing body (4 techniques)
Kusshin 屈身 – duck (2 techniques)
Tenshin 転身 – body turning (8 techniques)
Kaiten shin 廻転身 – body rolling (4 techniques)

Kōgi 攻技 (offensive techniques)
Te no waza 手の技 – hand techniques (46 techniques)

Tsuki te 突手
Tsuki kata 突方
(striking methods)
7 methods
Waza 技
Chokusen 直線
Choku zuki 直突
(straight strikes)
3 techniques
Kagi zuki 鈎突
(hook strikes)
4 techniques
Kyokusen 曲線
Furi zuki 振突
(swing strikes)
6 techniques
Henka zuki 変化突
(special strikes)
3 techniques
Uchi te 打手
Akken uchi 握拳打
(strikes with fist)
6 techniques
Kaishu uchi 開手打
(strikes with open hand)
6 techniques
Wantō uchi 腕刀打
(strikes with lower arm)
3 techniques
Kiri te 切手
(cutting hand)
3 techniques
Hiji ate 肘当
(elbow strikes)
5 techniques

* Tsuki 突 means, in principle, strikes that are performed with body turning. Uchi 打 on the other hand, is more of a lashing strike that is performed only with arm movement.

Ashi no waza 足の技 – leg techniques (36 techniques)

Keri ashi 蹴足
Keri kata 蹴方
(kicking methods)
15 techniques
Keri waza 蹴技
(kicking techniques)
Chokusen 直線
6 techniques
Kyokusen 曲線
4 techniques
Kari ashi 刈足
5 techniques
Fumi ashi 踏足
3 techniques
Hiza ate 膝当
(knee attack)
3 techniques

Karada no waza 体の技- body techniques (5 techniques)

Zu tsuki  頭突
(head butt)
3 techniques
Tai atari 体当
(body attack)
2 techniques

Bōgi 防技 (defensive techniques)
Te ashi ni yoru bōgi 手足による防技 – defence with arms and leg (21 techniques)
Tai sabaki ni yoru bōgi 体捌きによる防技 – defence with body movement (8 techniques)

Shuhō 守法 (defence methods)
Kagite shuhō 鈎手守法
Tsuitate shuhō 衝立守法
Sankaku shuhō 三角守法
Konoha shuhō 木葉守法
Chōji shuhō 丁字守法
Kubi jime shuhō 首締守法
Hagai shuhō 羽交守法